Caroline Frame

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Warm sunlight highlights 6 beautiful color choices of this classic hand painted frame.




It was over a dozen shucked and a few cold beers at PT’s Late Night Bar and Grill that we decided it was time to name a pair of sunglasses after one of the oldest and most iconic streets in Key West.  Like many a good story, this one began with a shipwreck. After parking his schooner on a sandbar for eight years, John Whitehead named Caroline Street after his sister sometime around 1829.  Later, Mr. Buffett himself imparted a great lesson as old as time about the perils of cheap beer, hairleg women and not watching your six.


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Hook and Bullet

We tackle things differently and innovate to solve problems.  Where some see polarized glasses as a fashion accessory, we see them as an essential tool to enhance your sight picture, THE MOST important connection to your target.

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