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Chandy LensChandy Lens
Chandy Lens Sale price$150.00

Often described as “HD” due to its ability to define the edges where predators feed, Chandy is perfect for sight casting to fish and ambush spots in clear to stained water against a dark bottom.

Vermilion LensVermilion Lens
Vermilion Lens Sale price$150.00

The Vermilion lens is formulated to maximize color separation when reading screens with a Orange/Red color scheme. Similar to Bluegreen lens, it to is ideal very bright conditions and for those sensitive to bright light.

Mansfield LensMansfield Lens
Mansfield Lens Sale price$150.00

Built on the same platform as the Chandy, the Mansfield has a little higher VLT but maintains the same, HD sight fishing characteristics. Great lens in all water conditions.

Laguna LensLaguna Lens
Laguna Lens Sale price$150.00

With it's high VLT, the Laguna makes the most of any available light. Perfect for reading water in those productive but sometimes awkward, low light conditions.

Bluegreen LensBluegreen Lens
Bluegreen Lens Sale price$150.00

The Bluegreen lens is formulated to maximize color separation when reading screens with a Blue/Green color scheme. The relatively low VLT gradient makes it ideal in extremely bright conditions or for those sensitive to bright light.

Amistad LensAmistad Lens
Amistad Lens Sale price$150.00

Amistad is favored by pros when pitching to bass on a bed. Because of it's very low VLT it's an ideal lens for any angler sensitive to light and perfect when flyfishing in high altitudes.

Venice LensVenice Lens
Venice Lens Sale price$150.00

The Venice lens has the second lowest VLT in the OS line up making it a great choice for those who want a brighter sight picture in sunny conditions. It's spectural characteristics relax the eyes makinig it ideal for scanning the horizon or stairing at a rodtip.

RGB LensRGB Lens
RGB Lens Sale price$150.00

RGB is a broad spectrum lens that works well across all screen color schemes. This one is perfect for those that like to change the color pallete often.

Helotes LensHelotes Lens
Helotes Lens Sale price$150.00

Whether you shoot sporting clays at the national level or hand throw a few to knock the dust off, the Helotes lens is formulated to highlight orange, white and yellow targets while supressing the background so you can lock on quickly and stay focused through the break.

Andros LensAndros Lens
Andros Lens Sale price$150.00

A warm lens engineered for bright reflective sand in full sun, Andros is ideal for stalking bonefish, permit and tarpon in gin clear water.

Kona LensKona Lens
Kona Lens Sale price$150.00

The Kona lens is great for low light conditions. It's higher VLT lets in more light and its broad color spectrum makes it a great lens for seeing where the live bait leader meets the water.

Chili LensChili Lens
Chili Lens Sale price$150.00

Tuned for the Orange/Red color schemes but with a higher VLT than the Vermilion, Chili is the perfect lens for those looking for a little brighter sight picture.

Champlain LensChamplain Lens
Champlain Lens Sale price$150.00

Used by many on the tournament trails, Champlain is a great lens when seeing submerged structure is key.

Bighorn LensBighorn Lens
Bighorn Lens Sale price$150.00

This lens platform creates a contrast of yellow and brown that's been tested around the world. Due to its relatively high VLT and spectral characteristics, Bighorn is great when fly fishing on the backside of the mountain or shooting docks in a marina.

Azores LensAzores Lens
Azores Lens Sale price$150.00

Designed for harsh sunlight, white decks and blue water, the Azores lens is formulated to allow you to track fish in the baits so you can stay in the strike zone.

Aqua LensAqua Lens
Aqua Lens Sale price$150.00

Aqua is tuned for the Blue/Green color schemes but with a higher VLT, is the perfect lens for those looking for a little brighter sight picture.


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