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Offshore Lenses

Mahi Green

Tuna Belly

Blue Azores

Gold Coast

"Darkness lingers over the dock as the bridge-mounted floodlights click on, illuminating the cockpit in a blinding glow that bounces off the fiberglass. The coffee pot hisses, bubbling hot water onto the grounds. The deckhand’s mind, however, focuses on different grounds. The continental shelf. The Gulf Stream. The offshore grounds." -CHARLIE LEVINE

It is tournament day. Soon the sun will be up. The heat will rise, and the work will begin. 

Offshore PBO is engineered to give you that extra advantage. Make the most of every opportunity! 

Inshore and flats lenses

IF Bronze



Golden Crescent

Are you as ready as you think you are? You’ve got a high tech, skinny water skiff to take you where few can go. You’ve waited for the right moon phase, tide, wind and picked your spot. You’ve chosen your tackle and have rods ready to throw topwater, tails, flies and everything in between. You have spent you hard-earned dollars on innovative, high-tech gear designed to give you every possible advantage. 

Where some see polarized glasses as a fashion accessory, we see them as an essential tool to enhance your sight picture, THE MOST important connection to your target. Make the most of every opportunity!

Freshwater Lenses

Blue Indigo

Gun Metal

Copper Canyon

It is the sound of moving water, the pull of current on your legs, a Hendrickson hatch and a river of big browns.  A fat largemouth in a farm pond or a crappie guarding a nest on the Livescope, sweet-water runs through our veins.  

For many of us, this is where we fell in love with the bend of a rod and the thrill of the fight. 

From bluegill to the foul tempered small mouth, they all matter! Make the most of every opportunity!

Lightpro* Lenses

Atocha LP

Blue lp

Rossa LP

Phoenix LP

Saphire lp

The first time I saw it, I could not believe my eyes. Forward facing sonar has forever changed the sport of fishing. For tournament fishermen it is not just an advantage, it is a necessity.

Polarized sunglasses, doing exactly what they should, can present such a challenge in seeing your marine electronics that you end up playing the sunglasses hokey pokey! Headaches, tired sunburned eyes, and in time, irreversible damage to your sight.

It doesn’t have to be that way. LightPro* is engineered specifically for a clear and consistent view of your electronics while offing you the maximum protection available! Save your sight and make the most of every opportunity.

Hunting and Shooting lenses



The allure of hunting quail is obsessive and maybe only topped by the devotion and commitment of the dogs that make it so much fun. Wingshooting is an eye/hand coordination game. The eyes see the target and send information about the target to the brain. The brain then signals the hunter’s finger to pull the trigger once the desired sight picture is confirmed. This process sounds easy, and it is when the pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

Be a little late on acquiring the target a not only will you be behind; you’ll never catch up. Better luck next time. Make the most of every opportunity.