PBO Defined

Hook and Bullet’s Purpose Built Optics (PBO), are designed by and for those who demand their gear perform and rise to the level of their own undeniable obsession. Our manufacturing facilities are located in the heart of Italy. Each frame is meticulously handcrafted for style and comfort making them durable and light so you can grind all day. But it is the functionality of the PBO lens that separates us from the others. Each lens is a product of 1000’s of hours of field research and developed to our rigorous standards by the world’s leading precision optics scientists.

No More Limits

The guys in lab coats tell us 80% of everything we perceive comes through our eyes making the sight connection to our surroundings and our target extremely critical for success. This fact, coupled with the reality that our passion takes us to every conceivable theater, each with its own visual demand, is why picking sunglasses created by fashion forward companies without regard to function, can be like taking a Snoopy pole to a marlin fight.

PBO takes a radically different approach by providing a choice of lenses categorically grouped by pursuit

  • Fishing - Offshore, Inshore and Flats, Freshwater
  • Hunting/Shooting - Upland game, Waterfowl, Clay targets 
  • LightPro - a revolutionary new lens that provides exceptional protection from glare and still allows you to clearly see your marine electronics.

Capitalizing on the advances of optical research science, PBO lenses are designed to enhance color and contrast providing superior clarity and greater detail than what’s perceptible by the naked eye.

PBO leverages specific visual cues, scientifically tuning each lens to increase depth perception, read shadows, textures, and highlight features unique to a particular environment.

The end result is the most technologically advanced sunglasses ever made. Every lens is purposely designed to give you the highest optical clarity and capacity to see things you may otherwise miss. Your ability to distinguish the subtle differences between cross chop and a bill or dorsal fin behind a teaser is critical.

Bottom line: we’ve spent years working with the world’s brightest minds to develop game changing technology to provide the best sight picture possible, in all environments, and maximize your visual advantage. So, whether you’re sight casting for redfish, picking off bonefish on the flats or swinging fast on a covey rising through the brush, PBO ensures you the clearest target acquisition available. We guarantee it!