Living the Hook and Bullet Life

The future of our oceans, our woodlands and of this precarious beautifully balanced ecosystem that we live in is our responsibility. This is what we believe.

We see ourselves as educators, stewards and contributors to the preservation of the Hook and Bullet life. At the end of our tenure, we want to look back on this life knowing that we took full advantage of each day and that we always gave more than we took.

Each year, over 47 million American hunters, shooters and anglers provide a significant proportion of the funding for wildlife management, habitat conservation, and recreational access. Sportsmen agreed decades ago to pay federal excise taxes on firearms, ammunition, fishing rods and tackle, archery equipment, and motorboat fuel to fund wildlife and fisheries restoration. These taxes, along with license and other fees paid by sportsmen, account for the majority of state fish and wildlife agency budgets. These payments also provide invaluable benefits to millions of other Americans who recreate outdoors, visit public lands, and watch wildlife.

Each year, we will select a few charitable causes that we will ask the Hook and Bullet family to join us in raising money. When you check out, please give a little back to the worthy charities and we will do the same! Every penny counts!

If you are a charitable foundation and would like to learn more about partnering with Hook and Bullet, please contact us a 888-Est-1776.

It is more than just a hobby, it’s a way of life! Join us in making a difference.

2021 Charities

Costal Conservation Association

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Operation Homefront