Hook and Bullet Storm


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The sea gods whispered in my ear "You are not strong enough to withstand the storm."

I whispered back "I am the STORM."

About the Storm

The Storm, at just 25 grams, is an extremely durable quite possibly the most comfortable sunglasses you will ever wear. Our polarized NXT™ Trivex nylon lenses deliver the optical clarity of glass and impact-resistant that exceeds polycarbonate, anti-scratch, anti-fog, anti-reflectance, oleophobic & hydrophobic coatings. On the sunniest of days on the ocean or on a clear high altitude elk hunt, the Storm can offer maximum comfort and protection for all activities.

100% UV Protection

Hydro-oleophobic Coating

Impact Resistance

Optical Clarity equal to glass

Scratch Resistance



Hook and Bullet Sunglasses are as good a any on the market today. Our NXT lens is simply the best on the market today. Seeing is Believing!

High Quality Material

The NXT lens is made of Trivex, a material that was originally developed for the windshields of attack helicopters. It far surpasses the strength of polycarbonate and has the optical clarity of glass.

Satisfaction Guarantee

While other companies tout a life time warranty, we guarantee it with no strings attached.


 Ambassador, Robert Phillips  


Jeff Handly

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Kat Harrison

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