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PBO has partnered with Zeiss Optics to create a new category in the sporting sunglasses market that delivers a high-tech, science-based functional advantage to the consumer. This game-changing technology, which is explained in detail in the PBO Investment Deck, is applicable to any outdoor market where enhanced sight is an advantage to the wearer, such as golf, fishing, shooting, and pickleball. We have successfully proved the lens technology and market acceptance, and have assembled a proven leadership team to take us to the next level. Our five-year financial projections detail our growth and potential exit scenarios, including a summary and Pro Forma P&L.

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We chose the fishing and hunting industry to prove the PBO lens forward strategy, as it is known for its technological advancements and has an estimated size of $14.4B in Texas alone. The market acceptance was overwhelming, and we were able to prove that there is an appetite for a new brand and a desire for an optical advantage. In 2024, we are projecting to have 70 retail accounts in addition to our growing DTC market in the fishing and hunting industry. Our next channel, golf, will begin design in 2024 and launch in 2025, with subsequent channels to follow. 





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