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Light Pro :: Rossa LP

We believe pitching a bait to a billfish is different than Livescoping for crappie on Grenada Lake. The ability to clearly see your electronics should be the last thing on your mind. Are your sunglasses your secret weapon or a liability?

Storm :: Rossa LP

Freshwater :: Blue Indigo

You spend a lot of time and treasure pursuing your undeniable passion. Your eyesight is your most important advantage. Our Freshwater PBO series gives you science based innovation to seeing the water better.

Caroline :: Blue Indigo

Offshore :: Tuna Belly

The Tuna Belly lens is a staple in the performance driven Offshore lens category. This is not your grandfathers’ sunglasses. When you have to focus on a dorsal fin in 3-5, PBO is what you are going to want!

Square Grouper :: Tuna Belly

sunglasses Optically engineered by pursuit for Fishing, hunting and shooting

We are innovating to solve problems you may not know you have.

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People that have hunted with us over the years know when it comes to gear, we take it seriously.  I can promise you these lenses are a game changer.

Pat W
Houston, TX

I'm in the field or on the water more than most. Hook and Bullet is the first pair of sunglasses I can wear all day with no discomfort, eye fatigue or headaches!

Jeff H
Alexander, AR

I bought a pair of Recurves that are so light and comfortable I forget I have them on. I have worn all the big name brands and these are hands down the best on the market.

Matt G
Van Cleave, MS

Great glasses, Great company.

@ jedidiahthegreat
Boerne, TX

Thank you for unlocking the potential of sunglasses. Hook and Bullet is doing what others should have done 20 years ago!

Brook D
Georgetown, TX

I have tried most sunglasses on the market that market to anglers. These are hands down the best I have ever worn. Good job Hook and Bullet.

Billy D
Nantucket, MA

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Rep the Hook and Bullet lifestyle. Shirts, Hats, Drinkware, Koozies and more.

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Hunting and Fishing is about more than just harvesting game. Embracing the Hook and Bullet life is about making deeper and more meaningful connections with our natural resources.  Each of us is a critical link. We should all be educators, stewards, and contributors to the preservation of species and habitat conservation that will ensure quality hunting and fishing for this and future generations.

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