Pro Setups


Brock, winner of the 2023 Folds of Honor Bassmaster Eliter Series at Sabine River and fifteen-time Top 10 Bassmaster Elite series finisher, relies on PBO to maximize his competitive advantage when out on the water.


Amistad :: Recurve

"Amistad is my go to lens for bed fishing, but I will break things up and put on Champlain and Bighorn from time to time to keep my eyes fresh."

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Bighorn :: Deep Eddy

"For overcast days and low light conditions I use Bighorn. It's really easy on the eyes and brings in a lot of light."

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Vermillion :: Top Shot

"I mostly run a red or orange color pallete when live scoping and like the way Vermillion works with that set up."

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"Things can change quickly out on the water and I need to be able to adapt to the conditions. PBO has several lenses that allow me to match the right one for specific types of fishing or when the weather pattern shifts. The variety also allows me to rotate different lenses while sight fishing.

– Brock Mosley PBO Pro