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Capt. Martha is a professional offshore angler, co-host of Bayou Wild on Cox Sports TV, and a Captain for Gulf of America Outfitters. As a seasoned live bait angler, she relies heavily on PBO to help her spot flips and other signs of bait and to see birds at a distance. Both elements are critical for successfully targeting "big fish" while introducing people to the "magic of the oil rigs in the northern gulf."


Venice :: Deep Eddy

"The Venice lens really helps me keep track of where all the lines/baits are when we're live baiting tuna. It also helps reduce eye fatigue when I'm staring at the rod tip and waiting for that swordfish bite."

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Madeira :: Square Grouper

"I spend a lot of time scanning the horizon, the Madeira helps me pick up subtle nuances at a distance which is really important."

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Cordoba :: Recurve

"I enjoy waterfowl hunting and find the Cordoba lens helps me focus on the birds."

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“I've been wearing PBO Offshore for the last three years and find their visibility and comfortability to be second-to-none. Their specialized lens formulations help me spot fish at a distance which can be very difficult when lookng across open water. The clarity of PBO lenses and the extra light frames often make me forget I am wearing sunglasses at all.”

– Capt. Martha Spencer PBO Pro