Pro Setups


With eight National Championships and over seventy-five 1st place finishes, Steve has been on the ‘team to beat’ on national crappie tournament circuits for more than 20 years. As technology has continuously evolved and become instrumental to success, Steve has stayed at the forefront of the sport by utilizing PBO SpectraLoc technology to balance the traditional benefits of Polarized lenses with the modern needs of forward-facing sonar.


Bluegreen :: Recurve

"I wear the Bluegreen lens when I'm running blue/green color schemes. They help separate those colors and do a great job of blocking the glare while giving me a clear picture of my screen."

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Vermilion :: Storm

"I switch over to the orange and red tones sometimes and will put on the Vermillion lenses. They're dialed for those colors and really reduce my eye strain."

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Hunt + Shoot

Cordoba :: Top Shot

"During duck season, I wear the Cordoba lens. They work great in the morning and give me a real clear view so I can identify ducks quickly."

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"PBO eyewear ticks all the right boxes for me: the ability to clearly see my electronics, 100% UV protection, reduced eye strain, and they're incredibly light. These lenses are a game-changer."

– Steve Coleman PBO Pro