Pro Setups


From appearances on A&E’s Duck Dynasty and Benelli Presents Duck Commander, to working for Duck Commander Duck Calls, John has been a part of the best brands in the Duck Hunting industry. Additionally, he is a professional crappie angler. To meet the demands of both pursuits, he partners with PBO to help in the formulation of a "must have" lens that is built for a purpose. Your Purpose! Whether on the water or in the field.

Hunt + Shoot

Cordoba :: Top Shot

"I wear the Cordoba lens in the timber and the blind. It lets in ample light in the morning, blocks the glare on those blue bird days and makes those greenheads standout."

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Hunt + Shoot

Helotes :: Recurve

"The Helotes really helps when I'm shooting clays. It highlights the targets and protects my eyes."

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Chili :: Storm

"I used to have trouble seeing my electronics while wearing sunglasses. The Chili lens solves that problem. Now I can see my graphs plain as day!"

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"For Hunting, my go to is the Cordoba lens with Top Shot frames. These frames have a bigger lens that covers my eyes well. The lenses, while tinted, lighten my sight picture for fast target acquisition. Additionally, the PBO lenses are not heavy glass so they don’t run down my nose. They are light as a feather and I often forget they're even on. But the benefits are unmistakable, no more squinting, no more headaches – just relaxing hunting and fishing."

– John Godwin PBO Pro