Pro Setups


Captain Kyle is a saltwater fishing guide and staunch conservationist operating along the Mississippi Coast. As co-host of The Speckled Truth podcast, President of the CCA’s Ship Island Chapter, and founder of Coastal Waters Outfitters, he is a versatile full-time guide who trusts PBO to meet his diverse coastal fishing needs.

Inshore + Flats

Chandy :: Storm

“For all inshore and Chandeleur trips, I wear the Chandy lens. It amplifies my vision, enabling me to see the defined edges of potholes in grass beds, very subtle differences in bottom contures and much more.”

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Azores :: Top Shot

“For nearshore and offshore fishing, I’m wearing Azores. They provide great protection and it’s amazing how well they penetrate the water column.”

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RGB :: Deep Eddy

“When I’m making early runs, I wear the RGB lens. It’s perfect for low light conditions and allows me to see my electronics clearly.”

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“Fishing the Chandeleur Islands requires extremeversatility and being able to adapt to sudden changes. In any given day we go from fishing crystal clear waterto stained dirty water and everything in between. I’vetried every brand out there and nothing comes closeto PBO. I joke with my clients and say having them onis like seeing in high definition.”

– Kyle Johnson PBO Pro